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Malaysia, 1974 (WFS)

The following description of this survey appeared in the 1991 edition of Dynamic Database: A Catalogue of Survey Data Files, Voorburg: International Statistical Institute.

Basic Information

  • Name of survey: Malaysian Fertility and Family Survey 1974
  • Executive agency: National Population and Family Development Board
  • Date of fieldwork: 1974
  • Universe: Ever-married women, -49
  • Coverage: Peninsular Malaysia, 100%
  • Size: 6321
  • Weights: Self-weighting
  • Contents: WFS Core Mark 1 + fertility regulation module
  • Supplementary surveys: Household members (n = 41,858, self-weighting); Community

Additional Information

The sample frame was as for the Household Expenditure and Income Survey (1973-4). This covered Peninsular Malaysia, about 84 per cent of the total population.

The household schedule includes education, race, household activities, fuel and transport.

The individual questionnaire was developed before the WFS core took its final shape. The data on contraception are particularly rich: supply and medical problems, history of use, preferences, attitudes, cost, etc. Other subjects include abortion, income, religion and views on family size, woman's work, education and the value of children.

The community data covers transport to and distance from other areas and facilities, communication and media, health and education services, agricultural development, religion and racial constitutions, industrial development and access to public administration. These community data are available on a file matched with the individual data.

Release Conditions

Data may be used for academic research, provided that credit is given in any publication resulting from the research to the agency that conducted the survey and that two copies of any publication are sent to:

  Mr. Annuar Maaruf
Director General
National Population and Family Development Board
P.O. Box 10416
50712 Kuala Lumpur

Public Use Files

Available files include the individual standard recode data and dictionary, and the supplemental survey data and dictionary, in the original WFS format. The table below lists the file names and descriptions.

File Description File Type Conditions of release for the original WFS format data Ascii text file
mysr01.dat Individual standard recode data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
mysr01.dct Codebook for individual standard recode data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
myss02.dat Supplimental survey data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
myss02.dct Codebook for supplemental survey data. Original WFS format Ascii text file

Key References

1. Chander, R. and V.T. Palan, Malaysian Fertility and Family Survey 1974, Department of Statistics, Kuala Lumpur, 1978.

2. National Family Planning Board, Proceedings of the Seminar on the Malaysian Fertility and Family Survey/Population and Development, 1979.

3. Mohd Yatim M., Evaluation of the Malaysian Fertility and Family Survey 1974, WFS Scientific Reports no 27, 1982.

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