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Thailand, 1975 (WFS)

The following description of this survey appeared in the 1991 edition of Dynamic Database: A Catalogue of Survey Data Files, Voorburg: International Statistical Institute.

Basic Information

  • Name of survey: The Survey of Fertility in Thailand
  • Executive agency: Institute of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University
  • Date of fieldwork: 1975
  • Universe: Ever-married women, -49
  • Coverage: National, 100%
  • Size: 3820
  • Weights: Weighted to adjust for rounding errors in selection
  • Contents: WFS Core Mark 1
  • Supplementary surveys: Household members (n = 25,577, weighted); Husbands (n = 2955, matched to wives, weighted); Community (n = 239 villages)

Additional Information

The sample was based on the household listings prepared for Round III of the Survey of Population Change. Fieldwork occurred in two phases. In March and April 1985, male interviewers conducted a household enumeration and a survey of currently married husbands whose wives were aged under 50 years. In the second phase, which took place in April to June, ever-married women aged less than 50 years in the same sample of households were interviewed by female staff. A total of about 3300 interviews with husbands were completed, of which 2955 were manually matched to the information collected from the wife.

The questionnaire for women adhered strictly to the WFS core Mark 1. The data from the matched subsample of husbands are available on the SR file. They include: household income; a standard of living index; size of family enterprise (if any); husband's knowledge and use of contraception; fertility preferences; perceived advantages of large and small families; expectations of support from children; the financial burden of educating sons and daughters; child care arrangements if wife worked.

A community survey was conducted in rural areas. Detailed information on community development was collected: use of mechanical equipment for agriculture; accessibility of rice mills; nature of the agricultural labour force; marketing arrangements; the presence of manufacturing industries etc. Access to health and family planning facilities were also ascertained.

Release Conditions

The archive does not have permission to distribute the data. The public archive has the data dictionaries only. To access the data, write

  Dr. Pichit Pitaktepsombati
Institute of Population Studies
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok 5

Public Use Files

Available files include the individual standard recode dictionary, in the original WFS format. In addition, the individual standard recode dictionary dictionary is available in ISSA format. The table below lists the file names and descriptions.

File Description File Type
thhh02.dat Household data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
thhh02.dct Codebook for household data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
thhm01.dat Household member data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
thhm01.dct Codebook for household member data. Original WFS format Ascii text file Conditions of release for the original WFS format data Ascii text file
thsr03.dat Individual standard recode data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
thsr03.dct Codebook for individual standard recode data. Original WFS format Ascii text file Conditions of release for the ISSA format data Ascii text file
thsr03h.dat Individual standard recode data. ISSA format Ascii text file
thsr03h.dic Standard ISSA dictionary for ISSA format data (ISSA program is required to use this file) Binary file (requires ISSA program to use this file) Codebook file for the standard recode data. ISSA format Ascii text file
thcd01.dat Community data. Original WFS format Ascii text file
thcd01.dct Codebook for community data. Original WFS format Ascii text file

Key References

1. Institute of Population Studies and National Statistical Office, The Survey of Fertility in Thailand: Country Report, Bangkok, 1977.

2. Arnold, F. and C. Pejaranonda, Economic Factors and Family Size Decisions in Thailand, SOFT Report no 2, 1977.

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