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The following is a list of Scientific Reports published by the World Fertility Survey between 1977 and 1985.

01. Assessing the Availability of Fertility Regulation Methods - Report on a Methodological Study. G. Rodriguez. 1977.
02. Language Problems in Demographic Field Work in Africa - The Case of the Cameroon Fertility Survey. H. Ware. 1977.
03. An Assessment of the Reliability of the Indonesia Fertility Survey Data. A. MacDonald et al. 1978.
04. Illustrative Analysis Contraceptive Sterilization and Births Averted in Panama. C.F. Westoff et al. 1979.
05. Illustrative Analysis - Socio-Economic Determinants of Contraceptive Use in Thailand. J.G. Cleland et al. 1979.
06. The Quality of Data in the Nepal Fertility Survey. N. Goldman et al. 1979.
07. Birth Interval Analysis in Fertility Surveys. K. Srinivasan. 1980.
08. Socio-Economic Determinants of Infant and Child Mortality in Sri Lanka - An Analysis of Post-War Experience. S.A. Meegama. 1980.
09. Illustrative Analysis - Fertility Preferences in Sri Lanka. T.W. Pullum. 1980.
10. Illustrative Analysis - Infant and Child Mortality in Colombia. J.L. Samoza. 1980.
11. An Analysis of Nuptiality Data In the Colombia National Fertility Survey. C.E. Florez et al. 1980.
12. Illustrative Analysis - Socio-Economic Differentials in Cumulative Fertility in Sri Lanka - Marriage Cohort Approach. R.J.A. Little & S. Perera. 1981.
13. Illustrative Analysis - Age at First Marriage in Sri Lanka and Thailand. J. Trussell. 1980.
14. Evaluation of the Dominican Republic National Fertility Survey 1975. J.M. Guzman. 1980.
15. Illustrative Analysis - Evaluating Fertility Levels and Trends in Colombia. J.N. Hobcraft. 1980.
16. Illustrative Analysis - Life Table Analysis of Birth Intervals in Colombia . G. Rodriguez & J.N. Hobcraft. 1980.
17. Illustrative Analysis - Marriage Dissolution and Remarriage in Sri Lanka and Thailand. D.P. Smith. 1981.
18. Contraceptive Use in Sri Lanka. G. Immerwahr. 1981.
19. Evaluation of the Republic of the Philippines Fertility Survey 1978. F. Reyes. 1981.
20. Modern Contraceptive Use in Indonesia - A Challenge to Conventional Wisdom. R. Freedman et al. 1981.
21. Evaluation of the Mexican Fertility Survey 1976-77. M. Ordorica & J.E. Potter. 1981.
22. Preferences for Number and Sex of Children and Contraceptive Use in Korea. N.I. Kim & B.M. Choi. 1981.
23. Factors Affecting Contraceptive Use in Peninsular Malaysia. T.N. Peng & I. Abdurahman. 1981.
24. Contraceptive Use in Java-Bali - A Multivariate Analysis of the Determinants of Contraceptive Use. B. Soeradji & S.H. Hatmadji. 1982.
25. Illustrative Analysis - Recent Fertility Trends in Sri Lanka. I. Alam & J. Cleland. 1981.
26. Evaluation of the Guyana Fertility Survey 1975. S. Balkaran. 1982.
27. Evaluation of the Malaysian Fertility and Family Survey 1974. M.M. Yatim. 1982.
28. Methodology of the Response Errors Project. C.A. O'Muircheartaigh. 1982.
29. The Analysis of Repeat Fertility Surveys - Examples from Dominican Republic. J.N. Hobcraft & G. Rodriguez. 1982.
30. The Dynamics of Birth Spacing and Marital Fertility in Kenya. W.H. Mosley et al. 1982.
31. The Fertility of Tamil Estate Workers in Sri Lanka. C.M. Langford. 1982.
32. Infant Mortality in Kenya - Evidence from the Kenya Fertility Survey. F.L. Mott. 1982.
33. Evaluation of the Peru National Fertility Survey 1977-78. Y. Cespedes. 1982.
34. Evaluation of the Jamaica Fertility Survey 1975-76. S. Singh. 1982.
35. Evaluation of the Venezuela Fertility Survey 1977. G. Vielma. 1982.
36. Evaluation of Birth Histories - A Case Study of Kenya. R.A. Henin et al. 1982.
37. Illustrative Analysis - Breastfeeding in Pakistan. H.J. Page et al. 1982.
38. Evaluation of the Indonesian Fertility Survey 1976. B. Supraptilah. 1982.
39. Illustrative Analysis - Family Structure and Fertility. J.C. Caldwell et al. 1982.
40. An Exploratory Study of the 'Synthesis Framework' of Fertility Determination with World Fertility Survey Data. R. A. Easterlin & E.M. Crimmins. 1982.
41. Collecting Demographic Data in Bangladesh - Evidence from Tape-Recorded Interviews. L.V. Thompson et al. 1982.
42. Evaluation of the Jordan Fertility Survey 1976. A. Abdel-Aziz. 1983.
43. Evaluation of the Turkish Fertility Survey 1978. S. Uner. 1983.
44. Evaluation of the Trinidad and Tobago Fertility Survey 1977. D. Hunte. 1983.
45. The Magnitude and Pattern of Response Variance in the Peru Fertility Survey . C.A. O'Muircheartaigh. 1984.
46. A Study of Birth Intervals in Jordan. A. Abdel-Aziz. 1983.
47. Mortality Levels and Trends in Jordan Estimated from the Results of the 1976 Fertility Survey. J.G.C Blacker et al. 1983.
48. Putting Back the K and A in KAP - A Study of the Implications of Knowledge and Attitudes for Fertility in Costa Rica. J.M. Stycos. 1984.
49. Enquête Sénégalaise sur la Fécondité - Rapport d'évaluation [FR]. L. Gueye. 1984.
50. Evaluation des données de l'Enquête Haïtienne sur la Fécondité [FR]. C. Tardieu. 1984.
51. Evaluacion de la Encuesta Nacional de Fecundidad de 1979 de Ecuador [ES]. M. Ines Herrera de Rivadeneira. 1984.
52. A Validation Study of Backward and Forward Pregnancy Histories in Matlab, Bangladesh. S. Becker & S. Mahmud. 1984.
53. The Proximate Determinants of Fertility in Ghana. S.K. Gaisie. 1984.
54. An Assessment of the Machine Editing Policies of the World Fertility Survey. T.W. Pullum. 1984.
55. Response Rates, Callbacks and Coverage - The WFS Experience. A.M. Marckwardt. 1984.
56. Effects of Community Factors on Infant and Child Mortality in Rural Bangladesh. A. Al-Kabir. 1984.
57. Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago - Socio-Economic Differentials in Cumulative Fertility. S. Singh. 1984.
58. Evaluation of the Lesotho Fertility Survey 1977. I. Timaeus & K. Balasubramanian. 1984.
59. Mortality in Lesotho - A Study of Levels, Trends and Differentials Based on Retrospective Survey Data. I. Timaeus. 1984.
60. Contraceptive Use and Fertility in the Commonwealth Caribbean. N. Abdullah & J. Harewood. 1984.
61. Les Déterminants Proches de la Fécondité en Haïti [FR]. F. Fortunat. 1984.
62. Evaluacion de la Encuesta Nacional de Fecundidad del Paraguay de 1979 [ES]. J.F. Schoemaker. 1984.
63. Evaluacion de la Encuesta Nacional de Fecundidad de la Republica Dominicana de 1980 [ES]. G. Rodriguez & B.R. Sepulveda. 1984.
64. An Evaluation of the Cameroon Fertility Survey 1978. G. Santow & A. Bioumla. 1984.
65. Caribbean Family Structure - Past Research and Recent Evidence from the WFS on Matrifocality. Y. Charbit. 1984.
66. Méthodes d'estimation du niveau futur de la Fécondité a partir du nombre d'enfants desirés et des facteurs socio-economiques en Haïti [FR]. Y. Courbage. 1984.
67. Mating and Fertility - Results from Three WFS Surveys in Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. J. Harewood. 1984.
68. Fertility Preferences in Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, from the World Fertility Surveys, 1975-1977: A Multiple Indicator Approach. R.E. Lightbourne. 1984.
69. Evaluation of the Ghana Fertility Survey 1979-80. J.Y. Owusu. 1984.
70. The Magnitude and Pattern of Response Variance in the Lesotho Fertility Survey. C.A. O'Muircheartaigh. 1984.
71. The Proximate Determinants of Fertility and Their Effect on Fertility Patterns - an Illustrative Analysis Applied to Kenya. B. Ferry & H.J. Page. 1984.
72. Evaluation of the Sudan Fertility Survey 1978-79. M.K. Rizgalla. 1985.
73. The Proximate Determinants of Fertility in North Sudan. I. Abbas & I. Kalule-Sabiti. 1985.
74. Factores determinantes de una mortalidad prematura en Ecuador [ES]. E.M. Borja. 1985.
75. Infant and Child Mortality and Fertility - Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Jamaica. G.E. Ebanks. 1985.
76. Evaluation of the Yemen Arab Republic Fertility Survey 1979. A.M. Al-Tohamy & I. Kalule-Sabiti. 1985.
77. Levels and Trends in Child and Adult Mortality in Peru. K. Moser. 1985.
78. The Proximate Determinants of Fertility in Lesotho. A.M. Mpiti & I. Kalule-Sabiti. 1985.
79. Enquête Ivorienne sur la Fécondité 1980-81: Rapport d'évaluation. N. Sombo. 1985. (PDF not available [yet!])
80. Evaluation of the Nigeria Fertility Survey 1981-2. B.C. Morah. 1985.
81. Evaluation of the Portugal Fertility Survey 1979-1980. C. Conim. 1985. (PDF not available [yet!])
82. La mortalité infantile et juvénile en Haïti [FR]. J.A. Rousseau. 1985.
83. Evaluation de l'Enquête Nationale Mauritanienne sur la Fécondité. C.O.S. Abderrahmane. 1985. (PDF not available [yet!])
84. Evaluation de l'Enquête Beninoise sur la Fécondité. N. Kodjogbe. 1985. (PDF not available [yet!])

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