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The following is a list of currently available Country Reports published by the World Fertility Survey:

Bénin 1982 Vol.1 Rapport National Analyse des principaux resultats
Bénin 1982 Vol.2 Rapport National Tableaux statistiques
Bangladesh 1975-76 First Report
Côte D'Ivoire 1980-81 Vol.1 Rappport d'Analyse
Côte D'Ivoire 1980-81 Vol.2 Tableaux Statistiques
Cameroon 1978 Rapport Principal - Volume I - Analyse des principaux resultats
Cameroon 1978 Rapport Principal - Volume II-1 - Tables
Cameroon 1978 Rapport Principal - Volume II-2 - Tables
Cameroon 1978 Supplement
Egypt 1980 Volume-I Survey Design
Egypt 1980 Volume-II Fertility and Family Planning
Egypt 1980 Volume-III Socio-Economic Differentials and Comparative Data from Husbands and Wives
Egypt 1980 Volume-IV Statistical Tables
Fiji 1974 Principal-Report
Ghana 1979-80 Volume I Background, Methodology and Findings
Ghana 1979-80 Volume II Statistical Tables
Guyana 1975 Country Report Vol.1
Guyana 1975 Country Report Vol.2
Haïti 1977 National Report Vol.1
Haïti 1977 National Report Vol.2
Indonesia 1976 Principal Report Vol.1
Indonesia 1976 Principal Report Vol.2 Statistical Tables
Jamaica 1975-76 Country Report Vol.2
Jordan 1976 Principal Report Volume I
Jordan 1976 Principal Report Volume II
Lesotho 1977 Report Volume I
Lesotho 1977 Report Volume II
Mauritania 1981 Vol.1 Analyse Principaux Resultats
Mauritania 1981 Vol.2 Tableaux Statistiques
Malaysia 1974 First Country Report
Nigeria 1981-82 Principal Report Vol.1 Methodology and Findings
Nigeria 1981-82 Principal Report Vol.2 Statistics Tables
Nepal 1976 First Report
Pakistan 1975 First Report
Pakistan 1975: Alam & Dinesen 1984. Fertility in Pakistan - A Review of Findings from the Pakistan Fertility Survey
Philippines 1978 First Report
Portugal 1979-80 Country Report Vol.1 Methodology and results
Rwanda 1983 Vol.1 Analyse resultats
Senegal 1978 Vol.1 Analyse des Resultats Definitifs
Senegal 1978 Vol.2 Resultats Definitifs
Syria 1978 Principal Report Volume II
Turkey 1978 Report Vol.I Methodology and Findings
Turkey 1978 Report Vol.II Statistical Tables

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